Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Cypher x Samba Elegua...

Every last Sunday of the month (in the Summer) the crew throws down a street cypher/block party in Kengsinton Market (Shout out to Longboard Living & South Paw Brown). We go all out, we bring out turntables, banging speakers, etc. Today the crew got the chance to rock it with a 20+ piece samba band in the market. The vibe and energy was off the hook. We had the whole block rocking as we freestyled, beatboxed and rapped over beats laced down by a samba band ( The Cypher really tries to push the creative possibilities and limits of freestyling. It's really dope to see people of various cultures & age group, appreciate the skill and versatility of emceeing. At the end of the day it's all about the music and creating a creative experience for the crowd...

Samba Elégua Live at Baldwin & Augusta Creating "Change" (June 26th 2011) by SouthPawBrown

Samba Elégua Live at Baldwin & Augusta W/The Cypher (June 26th 2011) by SouthPawBrown

More pics + video coming soon!

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